Don Julio – Primavera Hero, Michelada Sport setup gif, 1942 baseball setup gif

Vtech #MomMoments

Crown Royal – Pour, Bourbon Smash, Manhattan

Seagrams – Seven Dive Bar Staples (2nd shoot), Directors Cut (1st shoot), Jukebox Cinemagraph (1st shoot)

Leap Frog #MomMoments


The Future of Work – Virtual Reality in Baseball

Coke – For the Dream

Sensodyne Pronamel – 6 Ways to Strengthen Tooth Enamel from Acid Erosion

Citrix & Bloomberg – Extreme Entrepreneur

Democratic Attorneys General – 2017 Intro

My Lab Box – Good Morning

Relativity Space – Everything Evolves

Lenovo Computers – PC Does What? Productivity

Sensodyne True White – True Confessions

Merit Baltimore Documentary

HP – PC Does What? | Creativity

Sensodyne – True White Sensitivity Suite

Nike Tennis – Courts Everywhere